Friday, May 25, 2012

Google's Number 1 Moses Lake Newspaper!  Went Live In Washington State Yesterday.  Check it out.

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    Check out  Live as of yesterday! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Your Invited To Play Conversation Domination New Computer Game POSTED ON BETTERNETWORKER.COM-direct link below in article

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Your Invited To Play Conversation Domination New Computer Game

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Greetings from God's Country, Northern California.  If you've never been
here and are passing through heading North on I-5 To Oregon,  Washington,
or South To Sacramento or The Bay Area.  Keep my contact info.  Stop by
and we'll meet for coffee.  I'll line you out  (like a tour guide)  why we call
our home GOD'S COUNTRY.

Google Redding, Ca or Shasta Lake, Sacramento River, Lassen Park, Trinity River,
Shasta Dam, Mt. Shasta, Burney Falls, Castle Craigs, Trinity Alps, Shasta County.
You'll Get The Picture.

I hate to admit it here,  it's kinda like telling someone you just had heart
surgery...your given that look, like SAD EYES,  "Wow, sorry to hear that",
(to himself, "well he won't be around much longer"). God Decides that Fool!

So that's why I hate to admit it,  but I just turned 60 years old last week.  I
was feeling sort of low until I went to my Facebook page.  What I saw, what
I read there, I had never seen in my entire life...Nearly 100 of my 900 Facebook
followers wishing me,  Earl Allen Boek, my friends call me Al, HAPPY

Now, most of these hundred, I'm sure barly know me, but still,  I almost
teared-up and ok, maybe not, but still,  I must admit it really made me feel
pretty darn good to read all the great wishes sent to me.  I think of it today, after
about 16 years on the internet,  as really one of my finest web experiences yet.
Only one thing is better....



Okay, two things...hey I'm just 60, I'm not dead yet kids....Young whipper-snappers!
First of all ...everyone seems to like Wordpress Blogs.  I find the software and the look
....we'll what's the term I'm looking for... "lacking"....Much harder to use, understand
and duplicate quickly.

What does having a Blog say at:  have to do with
Conversation Domination?  Well, no use creating and taking control of page one on
Google Generic if you don't have a blog, webite, radio show, video or something
someplace to show or present your companies wares, goods or services.  I have
about maybe 20 of these blogs, does anyone need 20 blogs?  Maybe not, yet I
have several of them set up for hot topics which come and go sometimes... like
the Swine Flu,  I actually have a blog on the Flu Vaccine.
Watch,  it will be a hot topic again, this coming flu season.  So, they are there
in my Blogspot Dashboard waiting for my next post.

Content is easy...I could just copy and post this content and past it to 20 blogs,
if I think it's valuable enough to my readers. So having dated blogs, blogs that
have multiple post over time, are more trusted and rank higher in Google Search
Engines. Now if you can create a term,  Kaching Kaching Fundraisers say,  and
you had enough different places, Blogs, Websites to send visitors too,  you
Can Dominate the conversation on that name or topic.  If your pretty certain,
that name or that topic will one day soon go international, or even viral, you
can certainly see the benifet of Dominating the Conversation around that topic.

I talk Google alot, because it commands about 50% of the Internet Search Web
Real Estate Market.  How's that for Search Market Domination?  Not Bad,
I used to tell my sales force (conventional business, satellite antenna pioneer)
"We don't want all the satellite business in Southern California, we'd have
nothing for our customers to compare our company too. We just want the top
50% and we'll let the competitors fight amongst themselves over the rest".
My Hilter complex, actually Boek means BOOK in
the Dutch Language.  But if you say 50% or better of page 1 Google on
any search term...Like the one I've suggested.  "KACHING KACHING
FUNDRAISERS"  you have pretty much mastered....Conversation
Domination of that term....If that term/name becomes excepted by the
masses one could make it to the big, BIG time.  YAHOO,

So let's do the search on the KKFundraisers term on Google...When I first
coined the term there were just hundreds,  hardly thousands of links for the
term, now it's hundreds of thousands of links.  To be exact, 402,000 terms.
The first three are paid on the top...there are some paid as well on the right.
Only about 15% of the people that Google this term will click on paid ads,
they trust my generic links more than the paid ones,  Amazing huh?
Dang Internet...

Look over the top 10 Generic terms for Kaching Kaching Fundraising  I
control the first 7 out of ten.

I WIN!  Does it work? I have leaders I don't know yet, telling their recruits
to contact me, if they want to know about Kaching Kaching Fundraisers  I
control 70% of the Conversation of the page 1 Google Generic terms for the


Now, just how many of you reading this article can come up for a creative
term, or name that ties in well to what your doing now with a company,
product or servcie....or will be soon.  The sooner you start dominating that
name or term the better and the harder it makes for anyone else to move on
to that real estate...Real Estate so valuable to others ...some with big names..
.that they are paying to come there by adversting their products,  and get
approx 15% of the searches, I'm getting for free.

Time is money, nothing is free, but is is low cost.

I recommend you try it.

Earl Allen Boek,  Founder WWW Fundraising 

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Industry: Communications and Networking


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Friday, July 9, 2010

EB5 Real Estate Visa Investment Pools. Still trying to get the last three Chinese Guys To Pay Us Up.

Developers Aim for Foreign Capital Via Investor Visas

By Elaine Walker
RISMEDIA, July 9, 2010--(MCT)--Finding traditional bank financing for a mixed-use project in Hollywood, Fla., was highly unlikely in the midst of today's credit crunch.

That's one reason developer Charles "Chip" Abele turned to an investor visa program as an alternative financing vehicle.

Abele and his partners in the Gold Coast Florida Regional Center are launching efforts to attract foreign nationals to invest in real estate projects, as a way to secure a green card.

"The capital markets have basically shriveled up and the banking industry has pulled back from real estate," said Abele, chairman and chief executive of the Coral Gables, Fla.-based center. "We've got a lot of projects in the pipeline, and we decided we needed to get into the capital business ourselves."

And Gold Coast is not alone. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has approved 10 regional centers in Florida alone.

Depending on the location of the project, the minimum investment is either $500,000 or $1 million. The visa applicants must also show that their investment generates 10 jobs.

While the EB-5 investor visa program was created by Congress in 1990 for new business development and job creation, industry experts say that during the past year it's increasingly becoming a popular financing tool for the real estate industry.

"The program has been totally underutilized until recently," said Ronald Fieldstone, a corporate tax attorney with Arnstein & Lehr in Miami, who has worked on eight EB-5 project approvals across the country, including Gold Coast.

"All of a sudden it's become a cause celebre, and more people are trying to take advantage of the opportunity," he said. "It's a cheaper source of capital to undertake a project that would not otherwise be feasible in this economy."

Gold Coast just launched plans to begin seeking investors, setting up marketing offices in Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa, Great Britain and China.

The first project it is seeking investors for is Hollywood Circle, a mixed-use development on Young Circle in Hollywood. The project will include The Circ, a 104-room boutique hotel by Desires Hotels, 397 apartments, a Publix supermarket and additional restaurant and retail space.

For an investment of $500,000 in the Hollywood Circle project, an investor can get permanent resident visas for themselves and their entire family.

There are three other approved regional centers in Miami. Others have talked about securing approval, including Miami developer Sergio Pino and developers of a proposed Margaritaville resort on Hollywood Beach.

(c) 2010, The Miami Herald.
Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

International Lending Options, NATIONAL Commerical Lending Options                                                                                                              
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Most Active Discussions (1) - Ben Stein: Real Estate Will Be Glorious Again - Daily News Article 3 comments »
Started by jack owens, CCIM
Obviously you don't know anything about his real background (aside from Win Ben Stein's Money & Ferris Bueller's Day Off). He is an...
More » By Aileen Sexton Kopfinger

Discussions (3)

Funding for all Real Estate Projects Domestic/International $15MM + Add a comment »
Started by Joe Wong, Account Executive, Partner
We are looking for solid $15MM + development projects ideally with the following conditions:

-have a track record (funding is project base but like to see a track record)
-Are Direct (the actual developer/investor)
-under 65% LTC
-Have some skin into it
-Shovel ready or Vertical Construction
-Have liquidity of about 2-5% of funding amount

We can do construction, acquisition, rehab, large residential, resorts, hotels, commercial debt, equity & deb/equity funding.

PS. Your Referrals Are Well Appreciated
By Joe Wong, Account Executive, Partner
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Started by Sarah Boyles, Real Estate Affiliate / Internet Marketer at Rehablist
Be careful! Especially in this economy, you can't afford to make costly mistakes. I've been doing this for YEARS, but there are plenty of people with much less experience who don't think twice about destroying your dreams with worthless information, just to make a few bucks.

Read on:
By Sarah Boyles, Real Estate Affiliate / Internet Marketer at Rehablist
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Simple, straightforward, and very helpful:
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